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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soccer: Caps lose to Wake Forest-Rolesville in OT

The men's soccer team had it's worst conference loss in at least 6 years Wednesday night, when the Capitals were beaten in overtime by Wake Forest-Rolesville.  This is the same Cougar team that the Caps beat 6-2 a month ago.  WFR deserved the win.  They beat the Caps to almost every ball and played inspired soccer for the entire game.

The first half began with the Caps controlling the ball early and having opportunities, but there was very little energy or emotion from Broughton.  Within 15 minutes, the defensive line fell apart and WFR rolled through for an easy goal.  The Caps answered within 5 minutes with a nice finish from 12 yards by John Pace on a cross from CJ Tikvart. It appeared the Caps had woken from their slumber, but the energy didn't last long.  Confusion between the Caps keeper and defender left the ball in front of an open goal and WFR was able to finish and take a 2-1 lead into the half.

The Caps were able to score early in the second half when Blair Capel finished a corner.  This is where the Caps were surprisingly uninspired.  Instead of building off of the tie game and going on to the victory, the team appeared as listless as ever.  Both teams had chances as the second half ended, but you could sense trouble as the teams came out for OT.  

The Caps slowly walked onto the field for OT with their heads down, while WF-R charged the field with high energy screams.  The Cougars energy transferred to a goal about 6 minutes into the first half of OT.  The Caps had several shots on goal, but none found the net.  With a few exceptions, the Caps had no sense of urgency to win the game.  Forwards were not trying to win 50/50 balls.  Midfielders were standing and watching as passes went through.  Defenders could not keep their line.  It was a bad game to witness.

The good news is the game is over!  This team is loaded with talent and they have proven this season that they can play as well as any team in the state.  This class of seniors has 6 regular season games left in their high school career.  I'm confident they will lead the team back to their early season form with high energy, solid defense, movement and passing for numerous goals and victories!  

Come out Monday at 6:30pm to watch the Caps defend their conference title against the Enloe Eagles.  It should be fun to watch!

Goals: WFR-S.Poole 1, A.Martin 1, A.Mangeni 1; 
           BRO-B.Capel 1, J.Pace 1.

Assists: WFR-S.Poole 1, M.Jammeh 1, A.Martin 1; 
              BRO-C.Tikvart 1, L.Tollison 1.