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Friday, October 29, 2010

Soccer: Caps Win Cap8 Tournament!

The Broughton men's soccer team finished the conference season last night with a solid 3-1 victory over Leesville High to claim the Cap 8 Tournament Championship for the 5th consecutive year.  The game was won by the outstanding team effort and extended the Caps current win streak to 8.

The game was played on a very wet, and in spots, a very sloppy field.  Puddles were spread across the field which would stop the ball immediately upon contact.  The first five minutes of the game, it appeared both teams were learning how they were going to play the game around and over the water.

Leesvillle started the scoring 10 minutes into the match when they found an opening in the defense, leaving Caps' keeper, Everett McCord, little chance for the save.  The Caps answered a minute later, when a ball served from the right wing was deflected in the box by Forrest Lasso and finished by AJ Iiames to tie the score.

Most of the remaining half, Broughton controlled the ball.  With 35 seconds remaining in the half, a foul was called on Leesville from 45 yards out.  With 10 seconds remaining in the half, Lassiter Tollison served a perfect ball to the far post, just out of reach of the keeper where Forrest Lasso headed it cleanly into the net, for the winning goal with 6 seconds remaining in the half.

There was no let down for the Caps in the second half.  The team played with the intensity they rediscovered two weeks ago which began this winning streak, and it served them well the second half.  The Caps controlled the ball and had many nice scoring opportunities.   Leesville had a few good scoring opportunities as well, but all were snuffed out by a stingy defense and Caps' keeper McCord.  McCord played his fourth great game in a row, subbing for the injured starter Matt Franciosi.

The Caps' frustration at the net was finally ended with 5:00 minutes remaining in the game.  An outlet pass to the left wing following a Leesville corner was carried by Tollison across midfield.  He played the ball to a streaking CJ Tikvart on the left wing, who then sent a perfect pass to John Pace rushing the middle.  Pace ripped the ball into the net for the final score.  The victory celebration began!

This was a great victory for a team that struggled mid-season, but for the past two weeks looks like a team ready to win the state.  The Caps are playing with the skill and speed they had early season, but with a new found intensity.  Their first game in the state tournament will be early next week at Broughton.

Goals: LVL--; BRO--A.Iiames 1, J.Pace 1, F.Lasso 1.
Assists: LVL--; BRO--C.Tikvart 1, F.Lasso 1, L.Tollison 1.

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