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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Broughton wins 5th Place in Glaxo! Best since 2001.

GlaxoSmithKline Holiday Invitational
Live Blog: Broughton pulls away in the fourth quarter to defeat Knightdale

By Chris Edwards (Reporter at High School OT)

Share FINAL: Broughton 79, Knightdale 66

Knightdale began the quarter trying to get back in the game and really playing hard, diving after loose balls and making it a game. But, as they've done all game, Broughton came storming back and built a 12 point lead with five and a half to play. The Knights then cut the lead to 11 and were on the verge of making a comeback, but a team tech was called on the Knights for having six players on the court following a missed free throw. But, to their credit, the Knights didn't let that get them down and they kept fighting and made it a nine point lead.

That was as close as they'd get as Broughton came storming back building a 12-point advantage with just over two minutes left.

Once again, Knightdale came storming back cutting the lead to eight with one minute to play. That's when the Knights tried to extend the game by fouling and Broughton made their free throws and put the game away.

Ahmad Abdullah led Knightdale in fourth quarter scoring with five points in the quarter. For the Capitals, Cyrus Stewart scored nine points in the fourth.

For the Caps this is their best finish in the Galxo since 2001. The Caps also set the tournament record for most team three-pointers during a tournament with 24.The Caps tied the tournament record for most team three-pointers in a game with 11.Staats Battle's 7 three-pointers in this game was one off the tournament record.



Staats Battle - 26 points

Cyrus Stewart - 14 points

Conor Strickland - 13 points

Devonte Graham - 12 points

Andrew OCampo - 9 points

Sam Kipuni - 3 points

Micah Lynch - 2 points


Deshaun Griffin - 18 points

Jalen Jones - 16 points

Ahamad Abdullah - 12 points

Brian Okoye - 6 points

Kevin Brodie - 6 points

Charles Person - 4 points

Curry Lassiter - 4 points

END 3Q: Broughton 51, Knightdale 44

Broughton began the second half on fire as the opened the third quarter on a 6-0 run in just 56 seconds and grew their lead to 41-29 prompting Knightdale head coach, Battle Watkins to call timeout.

After the timeout, it seemed wasn't able to get anything going to cut into the Brooughton lead. The Caps managed to have enough offense to keep around a 10 point lead for the majority of the third quarter.

Devonte Graham had six points in the third to lead Broughton. Late in the quarter, Staats Battle picked up his third personal foul which could present problems for the Caps later in the game.

With Battle out, Knightdale went on a mini scoring spree to pull to within seven heading to the fourth.

Leading the Knights was Deshaun Griffin with five points in the quarter.

HALFTIME: Broughton 35, Knightdale 29

After a red hot first quarter, Staats Battle and his Broughton teammates really cooled off, meanwhile, Knightdale found a way to get back in the game as Jalen Jones scored four points, as did Deshaun Griffin. Those four points moved Knightdale to within two points of the lead with 2:37 left in the half. But, Broughton did just enough to maintain their lead going to the locker room.

The Caps had a late surge to increase the lead as Staats Battle found his shot late in the quarter, hitting his sixth three-pointer of the game and scoring seven points in the second stanza.



Staats Battle - 20 points

Andrew Ocampo - 5 points

Devonte Graham - 3 points

Conor Strickland - 3 points

Sam Kipuni - 2 points

Cyrus Stewart - 2 points


Jalen Jones - 9 points

Deshaun Griffin - 7 points

Ahamad Abdullah - 5 points

Brian Okoye - 4 points

Kevin Brodie - 4 points

END 1Q: Broughton 22, Knightdale 18

The opening eight minutes was full of outside shooting as Broughton and Kinghtdale combined to hit nine three-pointers. For Broughton, Staats Battle hit five of the three's to pace the Caps in scoring in the opening quarter. The Knights got five points from Brian Okoye.Ahamad Abdullah.

However the effort by Battle allowed the Capitals to pull away late in the quarter and lead by four going to the second stanza


Both Knightdale and Broughton have had ups and downs in the Glaxo this week, but they should both be excited about how well they have competed this week. Each squad still has some questions as they face-off today. It should be a battle of two very explosive offenses that are capable of quick strikes. However, the winner of the might be the one who plays the best defense.

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