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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

JV Caps are CAP 8 Champions!!!!

The JV Boys Basketball team had a remarkable season. They defeated the final Cap 8 division rival the Sanderson Spartans. With a final score of 66-49 against the Spartans, this victory clenched the Cap 8 winning record (13:1) for the Caps.

The JV Boys Team consisted of:
Zeb Alford, Brandon Bradshaw, Chris Brickhouse, Yoel Griffin, Tyler Johnson, Chase Johnston, Josh Kamba, Vonshee Lewis, Zach Palmer, Trey Peace, Aaron Roberts, Jamie Rucker, Jared Thomas, John Acree, Wes Thompson and Stephen Thornhill
and Three awesome coaches: Bill White, Chris Harrell, and Coach Butler.

*Photos of the final game are compliments of Ava Barlow of Hero Sports Photography and can be veiwed/purchased directly from the link below:

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