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Friday, February 4, 2011

JV Caps victorious this week...3 down 2 to go

The JV Basketball Team has been busy this week.....

Monday night the Caps soared above the Enloe Eagles with a final score of 63 to 55.

Wednesday night the Caps had the Wake Forest Cougars by the neck and 3-pointers rained in the 4th quarter. Caps won 77 to 49.

Thursday night the Caps faced the howling Huskies at Heritage...but soon learned their howl was like their rare bark....Caps led all the way! The final score was 71 to 51.

These JV Ballers have played well in the Cap 8 Division and, in my best calculation, currently hold an 11-1 winning record. Congratulations!

The team has 2 games left in the season and will play Wakefield on Monday and Sanderson on Wednesday. Please come out and support the Team.

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