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Monday, March 7, 2011

CapsLax Lose to Riverside in Defensive Struggle

Broughton lost a defensive struggle, 3 versus 4, to a talented Riverside team this past Saturday night. Riverside scored three goals early in the 1st period, all on effective crease play. Then Broughton made adjustments which effectively shut down Riverside’s offensive for they scored only one goal the remainder of the game. Broughton registered unassisted goals from Sam Cramer, Mitchell Dupere, and Wilson Purcell. A special shout-out goes to Wilson Purcell who stripped the ball on defense, took the ball up-field in transition, and when left unmarked, proceeded to score as a long stick middie—one of the few offensive highlights of the game. On offense Broughton was frustrated, it struggled all evening, lacking team play when needed most.

Though registered as a loss, the Riverside game was the perfect game, at the perfect time, with the perfect set of extenuating circumstances that should benefit this CapsLax team in the long run. I asked Coach Hall: Is there such thing as a good loss? His answer: “[There is] never a good loss, but good lessons to be learned.” Well said in so few words. Upon reflection, Broughton had yet to play back-to-back games, face quality skilled crease attack play, miss two key offensive contributors due to injury, experience a stout triple team on one of your marquee players, nor play a perennial state powerhouse that plays together year-round as a high school (not club) team. These are not excuses; these are the circumstances adding up to adversities that Broughton faced in this game. Did the CapsLax respond? Absolutely (on defense and in the transition game)! Probably not (while on offensive and in the mental game handling pressure situations)! Certainly there are lessons to be learned in this loss.

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