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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playoff on Saturday for Tennis Team CAP-8 title.

It is a confusing time at the end of the tennis season but there are three different tennis high school state tournaments beginning this week. There is the "Dual Team" Tennis State Tournament and the Individual "Singles" State tournament and the Individual "Doubles" team state tournament.
First is the “Dual Team” tennis tournament. Broughton (16-1)and Millbrook tied the regular season for first place in the CAP-8 tennis conference. They split regular season matches with Broughton losing the first match at 4-5 on a controversial call and won the second at 6-3.
Now they will have a playoff (just like last year) for the CAP-8 title championship and the coveted #1 seed in the State tournament beginning on Monday. Broughton and Millbrook will play this Saturday,April 30, at 10:00AM at a neutral site (Enloe High School).It is Jr./Sr. prom night on Saturday night so there will be plenty of distractions but we wanted to have a good turnout to help push our boys through.
There are also two other state tournaments going on in the” individuals”. You can choose to either play in singles (2 players) or doubles (2 teams). You cannot play both. Alex Waddell and Staats Battle are representing Broughton in singles. Steed Johnson/Patrick Longest and Carlton Bunn/Alex Pollock will represent Broughton in the doubles competition. Earlier this week, Broughton lost the “individual” Cap -8 tournament title in singles and doubles to Millbrook. However all six Broughton players qualify to advance to the Individual singles and Individual doubles Regionals next Friday and Saturday, May 6-7, at Millbrook Exchange.
Coach White has asked to rally some Broughton fan support for the Broughton/ Millbrook Playoff title match at 10:00AM on this Saturday,April 30,at a neutral site (Enloe High School). Millbrook will show up with a big crowd and will be wearing black shirts, black shorts and black socks. It will be some great high school tennis. It will be a war…..always is with Millbrook……..

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