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Monday, August 29, 2011

We need help this fall!

The fall sports season has begun and we need game reporters for this season.

If you have a child or a friend who plays any of the following sports, we need your help:
Cross country, Varsity Soccer - Men, JV Soccer - Men, Tennis- Ladies, Varsity football, JV football, 9th grade football.

We need game reports for each of these sports.  Simply reporting a score after each game is great.  Adding game details is even better.  Local news outlets do a poor job covering high school, so any information is good information.

If two or three people want to combine to cover a sport to insure every game is covered, that is great.  Our best reporters over the years have been parents whose kids play.  Those parents tend to show up at every game which is really all we need.

We have just gotten a volunteer for volleyball and we have ladies golf covered.

Please contact me directly at


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