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Friday, January 20, 2012

No. 2 Lady Caps Beat No. 1 Millbrook at Millbrook

The Lady Caps beat No. 1 Millbrook tonight 55 to 49. The girls went up against a tough, physical Millbrook team at Millbrook. Kaila Ealey was knocked to the floor by two Millbrook Wildcats and sat out of the game for several minutes, but when she came back in she played hard and scored several points.

Nicole Bellamy, who had been out due to an injury, was back and played several minutes. She went head to head against UNC Recruit No. 50 Briana Day and played tough defense.

Justice Byrd lead the team with 18 points.

Millbrook had been undefeated in the Cap 8 conference until tonight. The Lady Caps worked well together as a team to win the game!! We are so proud of our Lady Caps!!!

Justice Byrd - 18
Kaila Ealey - 11
Nadine Ealey - 10
Megan Sullivan - 6
Adrienne Simmons - 6
Nicole Bellamy - 4

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