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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baseball: JV Whips Undefeated Holly Springs

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The Caps hosted the undefeated Hawks in an all out battle of the bats. Feeny is the starter for Broughton, with Kreigsman behind the plate. Holly Springs jumps out with a run. Broughton retaliates with Collins hitting a double and Broughton ties the score 1-1.

In the 2nd, Holly Springs manages a run, and Broughton comes away empty Hawks 2, Caps1.

In the 3rd, Broughton makes a great double play but, Holly Springs manages to squeeze out a run. The Caps come out strong with hits from Kriegsman, Feeny, Collins with another double, and a 2 RBI double from Eller. Caps 4, Hawks 3.
Corchiani comes in for Feeny in the 4th. The Hawks are hitting, but defense comes through and holds Holly Springs to one run. Broughton’s guns are loaded. Corchiani, and Sawyer lead off with hits, Feeny follows with a RBI. Collins drives a 2 RBI double to increase the lead. Broughton 7 Hawks 4

Hawks battle back in the 5thwith a lead off double, and an RBI. Broughton defense rallies with a pick off attempt, ending in a great play at home for the out. Broughton comes out hammering with a hit, and follow by Corchiani with a RBI double. Caps 9, Hawks 6

Caps Baldwin relieves Corchiani in the 6th. Holly Springs is a tough opponent and adds 2 more runs before our defense can shut them down. Caps come out with Feeny getting on base, Collins and Ellers both with hits, then Morris nails a line drive RBI. Caps 11, Hawks 8

Baldwin closes for Broughton with 4 up and 3 down. This was an awesome victory over a great team, with great plays coming from all positions. RBI’s: Feeny, Morris, and Corchiani, with 2 run RBIs from Eller and Collins.

Link to: Game Photos
Final Score: Caps 11, Hawks 8

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