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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swingin' Through the Break

While many of you were knee deep in the water somewhere - the Broughton Men's Golf Team was knocking 'em out strong at Treyburn Country Club in Durham.

For the sixth season the Tarheel Golf Association sponsored the NC High School Invitational at one of the most mentally and physically challenging courses in the State. A true test of golf will - the course won the day. Broughton came to play but just couldn't get anything going on this formidable track. Despite the rigid competition and the unyielding course - the Caps were able to secure a Runner-Up finish by three strokes.

Full breakdown of the field and scores can be found here:

Vowing to remember this as the one that got away the team is more determined than ever to secure the Cap8 conference title in the coming weeks - wear down their adversaries at Regionals - and ultimately take their talents to Pinehurst for the State Championships.

No-one will ever have golf under his thumb. No round ever will be so good it could not have been better. Perhaps this is why golf is the greatest of games. You are not playing a human adversary; you are playing a game. You are playing old man par. It is nevertheless a game of considerable passion, either of the explosive type, or that which burns inwardly and sears the soul. I never learned anything from a match that I won.
- Bobby Jones

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