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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012 Men's Soccer Alumni Day - Aug 30

The 2012 Men's Soccer Alumni Day will be on Thursday, August 30th.  We will take time during this home match, BHS -vs- W. Johnston, to honor and thank our Alumni Players.  Match time is 6:30pm.  Parents are invited too. We will introduce the players individually by class during halftime of this match. We will have light refreshments afterwards. 

It is not a big enough function to warrant long distance travel, but if you are in town, we would like to honor you.  If you plan to attend, please write me back ASAP along with your class year, so I'll have the information.   Help spread the word to Soccer Alumni.   Keep in touch.

All the Best,
Izzy Hernandez

PS. If you speak to any Soccer Alumni and they are not receiving this information from me and would like to, have them write me and ask to be added to the Alumni list for players and parents.

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