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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Women's Tennis: Broughton 8, Panther Creek 1

Broughton took on Panther Creek in an off-conference challenge match this afternoon. The Caps wore purple arm bands to show solidarity with their friends who were injured in a terrible car accident last week. The girls also made a get-well poster for Grace, Janie, Tessa, and Madeline. We miss you!

The teams played eight game pro-sets for both the singles and doubles matches. Maggie Kane was up 3-0 when her opponent, Megan Smith, had to retire due to chest pains. Kara Summerford toughed out a 9-7 win against Jordan Strickland. And Adrienne Overcash joined the doubles lineup for the first time since sustaining an ankle injury early in the season.

It was a great win for the Caps!

Maggie Kane def Megan Smith 3-0
Sammie Smith def Kelsey Boole 8-0
Kara Summerford def Jordan Strickland 9-7
Olivia King def Orla Labiche 8-1
Laura Robertson def Loren Kim 8-5
Ashley Ramsay def Katie Ryan 8-4

Maggie Kane/Olivia King def S Smith/Strickland 8-2
Kelsey Boole/Laura Robertson def Kim/Ryan 8-4
Kara Summerford/Adrienne Overcash def Labiche/M Primm 8-5

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