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Friday, November 2, 2012

Broughton's Under Armour Contest Details

You may have seen or heard about the Under Armour's "Finding Undeniable" Program.

It is a big opportunity for Broughton, so please read this and share with others!
  1. Under Armour is sponsoring a contest for high schools.
  2. The winner of the contest gets $142,000 worth of uniforms and equipment.
  3. The first round of competition will end on November 20th, at 3:00pm EST.
Here’s how the contest works – Broughton earns points by completing challenges and gaining Supporters. Points are awarded for Supporters.  So spreading the word across the school, across the community, with alumni, parents and friends is crucial to success.

To begin supporting Broughton, go to this link and click the “Support” button. *You must have Facebook to do this, so if your not a Facebook member, now is the time to join.*  

By clicking the "Support" button on this link, you’ll not only gain a point for that school, you also become a registered supporter. As a registered supporter you’ll be able to participate in Supporters’ challenges and start earning for your school.

Broughton’s ranking will be determined by points earned from completing challenges, as well as points earned through gaining Supporters and Supporters challenges.  As of Friday, Nov 2,  Broughton has a score of 55,849 with only 747 supporters and in 5th place.  The top 4 schools are guaranteed a spot in the second phase of the competition!

The first round of competition will end on November 20th, at 3:00pm EST. At that time, we’ll take the top four point getters and four Under Armour wild card picks. These elite eight teams will be entered into a head-to-head tourney, with each round lasting a week. The winning school of the Under Armour Finding Undeniable Program will be announced as we ring in the new year in Tampa during the Under Armour All America game on January 4th.

Let's support the Caps....$142,000 is a nice prize!

Here is the link:

Other notes from the rules:
12. Prize: The winning school will receive 
(a) Under Armour products of Sponsor’s choice equal to $40,000 retail value and 
(b) Under Armour team uniforms consisting of home and away jerseys and pants or shorts for the following athletic programs: Football (up to 60 players), Baseball (up to 25 players), Softball (up to 25 players), Boys/Girls Basketball (up to 15 players per team) and Boys/Girls Lacrosse (up to 35 players per team). 
Approximate retail value of the team uniforms is $102,000. 
Total approximate prize retail value: $142,000.

6. Quarter-Finals Round: The four (4) schools with the highest number of points earned during Round One and four (4) wildcard schools will be selected as quarter-finalists on or around November 26, 2012. The wildcard finalists will be chosen based upon the high schools which (a) best demonstrated their school spirit by the quality and creativity of the content uploaded to their Undeniable Pages and (b) best represent the Sponsor’s brand. 

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