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Friday, November 30, 2012

Caps Needs You Friday Night!

Congratulations to all Caps' supporters who helped Broughton make it through the first phase of the Under Armour Challenge to win $140,000 worth of uniforms and equipment!  Now we're on to phase 2 - an eight school playoff to win it all!  See this link for details.

For this phase of the competition, we are pitted against Vista Murrieta High in California. Here is their page. Our new challenge from Under Armour is below:
  • THIS IS OUR TOWN - Make a 2 min video that shows us how you can get the entire school, town and community ravenous for a win. Do something epic. Do something legendary. Take it to the streets. Get all Friday Night Lights on us. Get your community even more hyped up about your teams. Show how they “Protect This House.” The more passion, the more pride, the better chance your school has of moving to the next round. So give it all you've got—and then give some more.

This is what we're going to do FRIDAY,  Nov 30:
Meet in the Pit Friday at 6 PM.  We will film our march up the strip towards the gym with the drum-line! We are showing community support for our school so EVERYONE - parents, friends, siblings come help us film a CROWD marching to the game!

* Men's basketball home opener against defending State Champions, New Hanover High, at 7 PM in Holliday Gym!
If you can get there earlier, the Lady Caps game begins at 5:30pm!

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