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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Swimmers Take 5th

Both the Women’s and Men’s Swim/Dive Teams finished in 5th place at the end of day one of the CAP 8 swimming and diving championships held this weekend.  The meet will finish on Friday with the diving event. 
     Kelsey Moore was named MVP of the women’s meet as she won both the 200 freestyle and the 100 freestyle.
     Scoring for the women’s team were:
200 Medley Relay: 4th  – Rachel Shaw, Elisabeth Holmes, Kelsey Moore, and Adaira Brewer
                                      10th - Sarah Wills, Rachael Wills, Emily Brice, and Heather Johnson
200 free: 1st – Kelsey Moore       9Th – Emily Brice
200 IM:  3rd – Elisabeth Holmes                  13th – Heather Johnson                 14th – Salem Robinson
50 free: 5th – Adaira Brewer         7th – Rachel Shaw                             14th – Rachael Wills
100 fly:  11th Emily Brice                                  16th – Salem Robinson
100 free: 1st – Kelsey Moore                       6th – Adaira Brewer
500 free: 2nd – Elisabeth Holmes                                14th – Heather Johnson
200 free Relay: 1st: Elisabeth Holmes, Rachel Shaw, Adaira Brewer, Kelsey Moore
                            11th: Morgan Denning, Sarah Wills, Austen Steel, Rachael Wills
100 breast: 11th – Rachael Wills
400 free relay: 10th – Emily Brice, Morgan Denning, Heather Johnson, Rachael Shaw
                            14th – Ashley Andrews, Salem Robinson, Emma Wilson, Sarah Wills

     Will Close led the way for the men’s team with a victory in the 100 butterfly.  Scoring for the men were:
200 Medley Relay: 9th – Alex Haugh, Peter Daniel, Crandall Close, Nick Chomette
                                   14th – Evan Smith, Matthew Hodnett, Drew Kulak, Kyle Rohweder
200 free: 4th – Will Close                6th – Bancks Holmes
200 IM: 5th – Alex Haugh               14th – Nick Chomette
50 free: 3rd – Brandon Hodnett  4th – Peter Daniel
100 fly: 1st – Will Close                    9th – Crandall Close          16th – John Paul Baric
100 free: 4th – Brandon Hodnett
500 free: 3rd – Bancks Holmes     8th – Alex Haugh
200 free relay: 4th – Brandon Hodnett, Peter Daniel, Bancks Holmes, Will Close
100 back: 11th – Crandall Close    16th – Matthew Hodnett
100 breast: 10th – Peter Daniel                    14th – John Paul Barci
400 free relay: 4th – Brandon Hodnett, Bancks Holmes, Alex Haugh, Will Close
                           11th – Will Beasley, Kyle Rohweder, John Paul Baric, Crandall Close

Many swimmers lowered their times during the meet.  Notable swims were:
Bancks Holmes took 2 seconds off his 200 free time and qualified for regionals.
Will Beasley took 4 seconds off his 200 IM time.
Aly Williams took 1.3 seconds off her 50 free time and 1.8 seconds off her 100 free time.
John Paul Baric took .9 seconds off his fly and 1.2 off his breaststroke.                                   
Duncan Matthew took 2.3 seconds off his 100 free time.
Kelsey Moore took 1.4 seconds off her 100 free time.
Adaira Brewer took 1.3 seconds off her 100 free time.

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