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Thursday, February 14, 2013

JV Lady Caps End Victorious 15-1 Season!

Thursday evening your JV Lady Caps soundly defeated Sanderson High School 74-27, bringing an end to their very solid season.  These ladies were 15-1 in regular season play and 12-1 in the Cap 8 conference. The JV Women held Sanderson to zero points in the first 4.5 minutes of the game.  The ladies continued to play their signature tough defense and passed the ball well, allowing for multiple scorers.  Leading the night were Jessica Johnston-10; Katie Wadsworth-10; Jessica Willettes-10.  Other box scores: Brittney Smith-9; Sallie Allen-8; Emma Willard-8; Addie Yancey-8; Lizzie Mann-6; O'Shaela Wilkins-Peebles-3; Lexi Batchelor-2.


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