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Monday, March 11, 2013

Boys Tennis Suffers First Loss

Broughton Boys Tennis Team traveled to Millbrook High School on Monday for a tough conference match.  The Caps fought hard but came up short in the end.  The loss was the first of the season for the boys tennis team.  The final court count was 4 wins for Broughton to 5 wins for Millbrook.  After singles play, the Caps were tied 3 all. Exciting doubles play decided the match.  Broughton lost by one court.
Singles: Waddell lost 2-6,6-3,10-7, Longest lost 6-3,6-1 Boole lost 1-6,6-4,14-12 Bunn won 7-5,6-4 Stone won 6-3,6-1 Waters won 6-4,6-2.  Doubles: Waddell/Longest lost 8-3 Boole/Stone lost 8-6 Bunn/Waters won 8-2.

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