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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Soccer: JV Women Defeat Pride

Broughton JV women's soccer defeated Leesville 1-0 yesterday in chilly, windy conditions with a goal by S. Barnes on a C. Black corner kick (one of about 10 expertly made).   The two keepers and defensive players warded off pressure by a determined Leesvile squad, and the never-give-up offense kept up their press even in the face of a seemingly inpenetrable goalie.   Today's game against Holly Springs has been rescheduled for April.  

The JV Caps head to Enloe Monday with a 3-1-1 record.

The season's stats thus far:

W  Wakefield  3 - 1   M. Colgan, J. Stevens (M. Zinner assist), A. Holloman (J. Stevens assist) 
W  Millbrook - 1 - 0    C. Black 
L   Cardinal Gibbons - 2 - 4  J. Stevens (C. Black corner kick), A. Holloman (M.Colgan assist)
T   Sanderson - 1 - 1  A. Holloman

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