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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baseball: Caps 4-1 lead, Lose 8-4 to Heritage

The Caps played great for six innings. Kriegsman threw strikes, they played defense and had timely hitting. In the 7th, the bullpen failed to throw strikes and when things started to unravel, the Caps lost their composure. Credit to Heritage for executing when it mattered most.

Coach Jones " As the fates would have it our competition for the conference title also lost. So we still control our destiny. We need to execute, even when it doesn't come easy."

Leading Hitters:White (3-4 2B, RBI), Collins (1-2, RBI)

Record Overall (12-8) Conference (8-3)

Rain Schedule Update
Leesville Thursday May 2nd 4:30
Wakefield Friday May 3rd Senior Day Festivities begin at 4:00
Sanderson Monday May 6th

Next Game: 
4:30pm Thursday, May 2nd At Leesville

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