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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fall Sports Kickoff - Time for support!

This fall Broughton fields varsity teams in men's cross country and in women's cross country, golf, and tennis. The Caps field both varsity and JV teams in football, men's soccer, and women's volleyball. That is a total of ten teams playing this season.

The Broughton Sports Update attempts to report on all of the sports teams throughout the year.  Currently the blog has over 200 email subscribers and over 200 Twitter followers that are very interested in Broughton sports. Volunteers who write the words, report the scores, and take the pictures are needed to keep the blog relevant.

As of August 19, we have the varsity soccer team, tennis team, and the golf team covered.  That leaves 7 teams that need a volunteer or two to commit to report scores and action on the blog.  It is very easy to do and we'll help you get started when you volunteer.  Local media sources ignore most of our sports, so we need your help to provide coverage and keep it fun.  If interested, please contact us at

If you haven't joined the Caps Club, our athletic booster club, please go here and join.  We need your support to keep all our teams alive and well.

Finally, our teams love a crowd and love noise, so show up at events when you can.   The blog displays the official athletic calendar so you can see which teams play and what time they play.  Show up and support our Caps!

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