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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Caps Tennis Vanquish Eagles and Cougars

Broughton's girl's tennis team defeated Enloe High School on Tuesday 6-3 and Wake Forest High School 9-0 on Wednesday. Kara Summerford, Blaine Blackburn and Belle Paylor were all honored at today's celebration. Senior Day topped off a great regular season record of 15-1.  The Caps continue post season play beginning next week with the Individual Tournament and the following week for Dual Team Playoffs.

Enloe High School:
Singles: Summerford def. Price 6-0, 6-2, Cox def. Brown 6-0, 6-0, Austin def. Gupta 6-0, 6-0, Blackburn def. Kim 6-1, 6-2, Burrus def. Sanka 6-1, 6-0, Bennett def. Yang 6-1, 6-0.
Doubles: Bennett/Bell lost Price/Brown 8-3, Gilbert/Pharr lost Gupta/Sanka 9-8, Marlowe/Butler lost Kim/Yang 8-2.

Wake Forest High School:
Singles: Summerford def. Blalock 6-0, 6-0, Blackburn def. Pearce 6-0, 6-0, Paylor def. Tortora 6-0, 6-0, Bell def. Coats 6-0, 6-0, Pharr def. Burks 6-1, 6-1.
Cox/Austin def. Pearce/Tortora (forfeit), Summerford/Burrus def. Coats/Byrd 8-0, Blackburn/Paylor def. McClung/Burks 8-0.

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