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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


On a beautiful Cinco de Mayo Eve, the Broughton Caps womens soccer team welcomed (well, not really) the Enloe Eagles to campus for Senior Night.  I don't know that I can come up with enough "strikes", "shots", "back of the nets", "golazos", and, of course, "onion bags" to write about the match.  So, here is the "nutshell" version:

23' - Junior Lily Schneider splits defense (which had been pushing up and catching the Caps in an offside trap), 1-0;
27' - Freshman Meredith Brown, 2-0;
29' - Brown taken down inside the 18 yard box, converts PK, 3-0;
35' - Junior Emma Willard, 4-0;
38' - Junior Kelly Ann Evans, 5-0;
Halftime, thank goodness.
48' - Schneider off corner kick, 6-0;
49' - Sophomore Savannah Jones, 7-0;
57' - Willard (yes, you may inquire, she was still playing in the 57'), 8-0;
75' - Junior Lizzie Tollison! 9-0;

At that point the "mercy rule" was applied and the Caps walked away with a Senior Night victory.

Congratulations to our wonderful Seniors - Allie Cutler, Carson Taylor, and Dakota Zuehlke!

The Caps improved to 11-2-1/9-2-1 in Cap 8.  Broughton remains top of the table in Cap 8 and #14 in the most recent Eurosport 4-A poll.  The regular season will conclude with away fixtures at Heritage High School at 6:30 Wednesday night and at Sanderson High School at 6:30 Thursday night.  Come out and support the Caps as they try to hold on to the Cap 8 championship and get ready for the State Play-Offs!

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