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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Swimmers Take Third

     At last week’s swim meet, both the Broughton men and women’s teams took third.  There were many close, exciting races.  Several swimmers made their regional cut times.  Jack Messenger achieved his 4th cut, this time in the 100 freestyle.  Smith Moran made his cut in the 200 IM.  Carson Harvey made her cut in the 100 freestyle and the women’s 200 free relay made their cut time as well.
     Many swimmers cut a lot of time from previous meets.  Jeffrey Whittington cut 2.5 seconds in the 200 free, Ethan Harrop cut 4.5 seconds in the backstroke, Syd Spampinato cut 3 seconds in the IM,  Richie Soltis cut 5 seconds off his IM, Dalton Smith broke the 1:00 barrier in the 100 free for the first time with a 57.61, Duncan Matthews cut 1.5 seconds off his 100 free, Katie Watson cut 2 seconds off her backstroke, and Anna Strickland cut 2.5 seconds off her breaststroke.

 Winning for the men at the meet were:
     200 freestyle relay – David Washburn, Crandall Close, Smith Moran, and Jack Messenger
     Smith Moran – 200 IM
     Jack Messenger – 100 freestyle and 100 breaststroke

Winning for the women were:
     200 freestyle relay – Carson Harvey, Caroline Willis, Alexandra Smalto, and Stella Kempf

     Carson Harvey – 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle

The scores were:
               Men                                                           Women
Cary                  163                                      Panther Creek    149.5
Panther Creek   131                                      Sanderson           143
Broughton         127                                      Broughton            124
Sanderson         96                                        Cary                     98.5

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