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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jack Messenger Wins Two Championships

     Jack Messenger led the Men's swim team to a 4th place finish today in the CAP VIII swimming and diving championships.  Jack won both the 100 freestyle and the 100 breaststroke.  Our boys had many great swims. Some of the best were as follows:  Liam Lawless cut 3.5 seconds in the 200 free and 3 in the backstroke.  Michael Baric cut 1.5 in the 50 free and 6.5 in the 100 free. Emerson Blanchard cut 2 in the 50 free and 2.5 in the breaststroke.  Christian Phillips cut 2 in the 100 free.  Jeffrey Whittington cut 14 seconds in the 500 free.  Ethan Harrop cut 1.5 in the backstroke.  Dalton Smith cut 1.5 in the backstroke and Geoffrey Watters cut 2 in the backstroke.  Duncan Matthews cut 2 in the breaststroke.  Great swimming guys!
     Swimmers will find out Monday who has qualified for the Eastern Regionals.

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