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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

JV Caps and Wildcats Soccer Deadlocked at 2-2 Final Score

In a game full of slide tackles, dirty plays, and at times, some questionable officiating, Tuesday night's game proved to be a game chalked full of emotions. Even though it ended as a tie, it was a game not to be missed.

The Caps started off horrendously, giving away a goal to the Millbrook Wildcats only seconds into the game. After an almost kickball-like period of play, the Caps finally adjusted to the smaller pitch and started stringing some passes together. This payed of as the Caps weaved the ball through defenders and managed to set up a give-and-go situation in the box between sophomore Laurits Petersen and freshmen Than Oo to ultimately result in a tap-in goal from Than, tying the score at 1-1.

Unfortunately, this didn't last as long as the Caps wanted. Seconds before halftime, the Wildcats received a corner that was headed out to the top of the box by a Broughton defender straight to an unmarked Millbrook player, who managed to finish in the top left corner. This was a huge momentum killer and left the defense and the team in general flustered and frustrated.

But this didn't keep the Caps down for long however, after a good halftime speech they were ready to compete. And they did. They played like a wall on the defensive end and possessed the ball much better. They started to chip away at and break down the Wildcats defense until a pass into the far right side of the box found freshmen Joan Carlo Ramirez Orozco who hit a rocket of the bottom left corner post and in. Making the score 2-2 and leaving the Caps feeling some rejuvenation.

This however, didn't result into anything exceptional. Besides a few opportunities the Caps had they were contained well by a defense that didn't want another goal on them. The last few minutes were intense, with each team poised to score. But, on a counter off of a Broughton corner the Wildcats made it down to outside of the Caps box with seconds left and hit a desperation shot. While this didn't turn into a goal, it resulted in a free-kick just outside of the box and a questionable yellow card given to freshmen Ben Watson with a mere 2 seconds left on the clock. After all the drama had subsided, the kick was taken, and while it wasn't even close to being a goal, everybody's hearts stopped as freshmen keeper Sam Vlahoplus secured the ball in his hands as time expired.

While this wasn't the intended result, the JV Caps look to rebound at Gibbons this Saturday against Apex High School in the Wake County Cup.

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