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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

JV Boys Soccer Finally Produces in 3-0 Win Over Sanderson

In a game that came as a breath of fresh air, the Caps finally played their game and dominated Sanderson on the road 3-0.

The Caps started the game with a lucidity in the passing game that hadn't appeared in weeks. They moved the ball with ease creating combinations that seemed to last minutes. With the mistakes limited to only  few slightly erroneous passes the Caps quickly formed two 1-on-1 chances with the keeper that freshmen Joan Carlo Ramirez Orozco put away to make the game 2-0 midway through the first half. Even though later in the half there were some missed chances the Caps still came into half time confident and positive for the next 35 minutes.

They came out of the half in a similar fashion though their possession did result in less chances they still seemed to have domination over the Spartans. Sanderson did try to play more balls through and over the top and while it did provide a better means for attacking the Caps nothing came of it. The Caps scored another goal not long after a few strings of passing combinations that led to a shot that was muffed by the keeper and put away by sophomore captain Scott Rostick making the score 3-0. After this the Caps played more defensively, just keeping possession with only a few more chances for a goal. In the end though the final score was 3-0 and the Caps left Sanderson with a sigh of relief hoping their extended rough patch was over.

The Caps play next at home against Wakefield hoping to continue their much improved play.

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