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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

JV Soccer Continue Rough Patch With 5-2 Home Loss Against Heritage

In a game where the Caps had a rough first half leading to a deceiving scoreline  the JV boys lost 5-2 at home on Monday.

The Caps started out the game in a fashion that has become somewhat a trend for them lately;  getting scored on in the opening minutes. It was on a counter-attack led by Heritage's #9, who proved to be a key player for the Huskies, dribbling the ball down the left sideline. He made it to the left edge of the box and crossed it to the back-post where it was deflected by a Broughton player right into the waiting feet of a Heritage player who scored a tap in. This left a bad taste in the Caps' mouths, which they displayed with disorganization, inability to possess and make any chances. This led to the inevitable: more goals. The next goal was a great piece of ball work from an opposing player at the top of the box, which opened up shooting room. He used that room to finish a short shot in the bottom right corner. The Huskies scored another goal not much later, leaving the Caps frustrated and distraught walking off the field at halftime with the score 3-0.

When they stepped onto the field for the second half, though, it was like night and day. They were connecting passes and playing defense much better due to the midfield and forwards keeping possession. Because of this, ten minutes into the second period of play freshmen Jack Eubank scored a curling free-kick top left corner from almost 30 yards out to make the score 3-1. This instantly revitalized the team even more and led to another goal tucked in the corner by sophomore Carter Gasia to make the score 3-2. The Caps felt like they had a chance and continued to play well. But, despite many close chances, they couldn't find the back of the net again. This stall in their offense led to more and more opportunities for the Huskies. And despite multiple good saves from sophomore keeper Hector Martinez, the Huskies ended up scoring 2 quick counter attack goals off of balls across the box. These swift back to back goals were a surprise and ended the momentum almost entirely to make the final score 5-2.

After another tough result, the Caps look poised to turn it around against Wake Forest at home on Wednesday.    

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