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Thursday, October 27, 2016

JV Soccer Looses to Enloe But Finish Strong with Win in Final Game Over Heritage

The JV Caps entered their final week of the season ready to finish strong.  However, that did not initially look at all likely after another dreary game on Monday. In their final home game of the season, they lost 1-0 to Enloe.

Throughout this game, the Caps generally played superb defense and really seemed to finally be clicking. The only problem, though, was that the offense was almost nonexistent at multiple times during the game. The back line was then forced to work constantly with many clearances varying in effectiveness. A few chances came off some of these clearances, but not anything significant. However, Enloe got their goal off of a counter-attack from a loss of possession in the midfield by the Caps. While it was defended well, the Enloe player used his pace to maneuver around the exhausted back line  of the Caps and tucked the ball in the right bottom corner. Unfortunately for the Caps, the halftime whistle blew not long after this, and they entered the break with some built up negativity.

While this negative mindset didn't really show in the second half of play, the play didn't pick up much. The defense did solidify more, giving the offense more opportunity which they turned into the occasional shot on goal. None of these chances really produced anything and the Caps again ended their final home game with a 1-0 loss.

In their next game, they took it on the road looking for some revenge against Heritage to finish their season strong.

And they did just that in a dominant game against the Huskies. The first 10 minutes were debatable some of the best they played all season. They had moved around the ball well before in previous games, but this was different. They were switching without effort, creating chance after chance and not being challenged on the defensive end. This resulted in a quick 2 goals from freshmen defender Ben Watson in the bottom corner off a corner and a great top right corner score from sophomore captain Laurtis Peterson. These 2 fast goals provided as a cushion to finally let the Caps enjoy the game and have fun moving it around. This lucidity resulted in yet another goal in the first half from freshmen striker Than Oo, who smashed it in the bottom left hand corner. This was an absolute contrast to last time, and the boys were playing with confidence going into halftime.

The second half started in much of the same manner, but this time after about 10 minutes or so it was clear the Heritage was going for more than just goals. They came out more physical and more frustrated. This started to work as they were applying more pressure and not allowing as much space. Even with this added pressure the Caps still created many combinations and opportunities. And while there were a few opportunities for the huskies the Caps looked as though they would keep the clean sheet throughout the game. And it turns out they did, winning 3-0 in a convincing fashion. It was a suitable win for an up-and-down season that didn't end up being as successful as the previous. But, it sure could be as entertaining.

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