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Thursday, October 20, 2016

JV Soccer Records Another Home Tie 0-0 Against Wakefield

The Caps looked completely different this game compared to their Monday match-up. Their passing was stagnant at times, they had trouble switching the ball and really couldn't seem to find a rhythm.

They started the game without much excitement or any chances for either team. The Caps struggled to get any type of offense accomplished for most of the first half due to their tendency to keep the ball on the same side of the field. Thankfully, though, Wakefield didn't have much success in this compartment either leading to a relatively uneventful half aside from the couple of chances each team had. With the only positive being the clean sheet the Caps kept walking into halftime they stayed optimistic even through the dubious play and the hot weather.

After a greatly needed halftime break the Caps reemerged onto the field to start the second half surprisingly with little improvement on the offensive side of the ball. They did improve their passing and eventually provided some much needed pressure on Wakefield. For a scoreless game it started to become less of a mistake riddled game into a back-and-forth possession game filled with missed opportunities. Late in the second half the Caps looked like they were making a run for the game winning goal with multiple runs from sophomore Htoo Win up the left sideline. Unfortunately, no one could get a good connection with the ball and Wakefield countered. Thankfully Wakefield didn't put any in the back of the net but a few set pieces and questionable clearances made it a little nerve racking.

At the end of the day the game ended 0-0 in a somewhat disappointing match. The Caps hope to end their season with a home game against Enloe on Monday and their final game against Heritage on the road on Wednesday.

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