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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

BHS Divers Dominate

Broughton divers are having an exceptionally strong year.  Led by last year’s bronze medal winner at the state championships, Holt Gray, both the men and women are dominating the competition.  The top 16 finishers will score points in the conference championships and the men are currently ranked 1st(Holt Gray), 5th (Bennett Butler), 7th(Jacob Wells), 8th(Kel McLester), 12th(Liam Norris), and 13th(Hayes Derbyshire).   The women, led by newcomer Annie Urish, are currently ranked 3rd(Annie Urish), 4th(Emily Urish), 16th(Jessica Kelliher),  and 20th(Georgia Steele).    -Coach Dubois 

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