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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Swimming and Diving CAP 8 Results

2017 CAP 8 Conference Championship - 1/28/2017 Team Rankings 
Women : 1. Leesville  661.50   2. Enloe 387   3. Broughton 277   4.Sanderson 270   5. Millbrook 246.50 
6.  Heritage 221  7Wakefield 144   8. Wake Forest 64 

Men: 1.  Enloe 423   2.  Sanderson  384.50   3. Millbrook 372.50   4.Broughton 367  5Wakefield  250
6.  Leesville 238  7. Heritage 222  8. Wake Forest  56

    The Broughton swimming and diving teams performed well at the conference championships yesterday.  The women were led by Maria Baric who took a 5th place and a 2nd place and Genna Brewer who took a 3rd and a 4th place.  The men were led by Jack Messenger who won two golds, Holt Gray who won one gold, Smith Moran who took a 4th and a 2nd, and David Washburn who took a 4thand 6th.  Many swimmers improved their times dramatically.  Katherine Krause cut 4 seconds in the 200 freeSmith  Moran dropped 3 seconds in the 200 IM and 6 seconds in the 500 free, Grace Kozubowski cut almost 3 seconds in the 100 free and 3 seconds in the backstroke, Maria Baric dropped 3 seconds in the 100 free, John Michael Curtis dropped 4 seconds in the 100 free, and Avery Schrage dropped 7 seconds in the 500 free.  The team is now preparing for the Eastern Regional Competition which will be held next weekend.
Many other swimmers also lowered their times, but it was the men divers who particularly shined, combining for a massive 70 points!    All individuals who scored points in the meet are listed below.
200 free  Maria Baric 3rd, Stella Kempf 10thLauren Morris 16th.  David Washburn 4th, Liam Lawless 12th, Ethan Harrop 15th.
200 IM – Alex Smalto 6th, Grace Fine 7th.  Smith Moran 4th, Jeffrey Whittington 10th, John Washburn 11th.
50 free – Genna Brewer 3rd, Carson Harvey 11th.  Jack Messenger 1st, Emerson Blanchard 11th.
Diving – Annie Urish 3rd, Emily Urish 7th.  Holt Gray 1st, Jacob Wells 4thKel McLester 6th, Bennett Butler 8th, Liam Norris 11th, Hayes Derbyshire 12th.
100 fly – Grace Fine 8th.  Zach Benson 8th
100 free – Maria Baric 2ndGenna Brewer 4th.  Jack Messenger 1st, Ethan Harrop 12th.
500 free – Stella Kempf 5th, Lauren Morris 12th.  Smith Moran 2nd, David Washburn 6th, Avery Schrage 14th.
100 back – Grace Kozubowski 16th, Liam Lawless 10thJohnWashburn 14th.
100 breast – Alex Smalto 8th, Richie Soltis 9thJeffrey Whittington 10th.

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