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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wakefield Edges Out Caps by 1 Tennis Court

On Monday, Caps traveled to Wakefield where the teams tied for singles but Wakefield won by one more doubles court, which gave them the win at 5-4. Freshman, Hardy Weatherspoon and Jackson Pace played very well and steady giving the Caps both wins in singles and doubles.  Senior, Lucius Harvin had another great win at #4 singles, where he played smart.  Next up is an away match at Leesville.
Jackson Pace at #6 singles, giving his all for the win
B. Carter def. Joey Burroughs (BHS) 6-2,6-1
N. Grewe def. Gustav Jelert (BHS) 6-0,6-2
B. Hardwick def. Yates Kline (BHS) 6-0,6-0
Lucius Harvin (BHS) def. G. Felton 6-0,6-1
Hardy Weatherspoon (BHS) def. R. Hekig 6-1,6-0
Jackson Pace (BHS) def. J. Grewe 6-0,4-0 (Ret.)
Carter/Hardwick def. Joey Burroughs/Gustav Jelert (BHS) 8-2
N. Grewe/Felton def. Lucius Harvin/Ross Bechtel (BHS) 8-0
Hardy Weatherspoon/Jackson Pace (BHS) def. Fusik/Nguyn 8-1

Josh Lohman & Noah Sommers doubles partners in an exhibition match
Cap 8 Standing: 4-4
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