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Monday, April 3, 2017

Big Win for Cap’s Tennis vs. Leesville

The 1st time Caps met Leesville this season they lost but Caps remained focused on training hard to win their next rematch.  Last Tuesday Caps got their chance and persevered defeating Leesville 5-4! Broughton took the wins in 4 singles courts, with Lucius Harvin splitting sets and winning by 2 points in the tiebreaker to give Caps the 4th singles win.  Caps needed 1 doubles court to take the win and court #1, Joey Burroughs & Gustav Jelert delivered the victory for Broughton. 
2017 Broughton Varsity Men's Tennis Team
Joey Burroughs (BHS) def. T. Chandrasekhar 6-2,6-2
Gustav Jelert (BHS) def. R. Dunkley 6-4,1-0(Ret.)
H. Reed def. Yates Kline (BHS) 6-3,6-1
Lucius Harvin (BHS) def. J. England 6-4,4-6(10-8)
Hardy Weatherspoon (BHS) def. J. Sims 6-1,6-0
K. Dursten def. Jackson Pace (BHS) 2-6,6-2(10-7)
Gustav Jelert/Joey Burroughs (BHS) def. Chandrasekhar/Reed 8-2
England/McNeil def. Yates Kline/Ross Bechtel 9-7
Sims/Subramanian def. Hardy Weatherspoon/Jackson Pace (BHS) 8-4

Cap 8 Standing: 5-4
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Lucius Harvin pulling out the singles win in tiebreaker

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