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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tennis Celebrates Heritage Win & Senior Day

On Wednesday, Broughton played their final CAP-8 regular season match away at Heritage and finished strong with an 8-1 victory.  On Monday, the team also celebrated Senior Day.  Captains and seniors- Jack Garside, Lucius Harvin, and Yates Kline were honored for their contributions to the tennis team.  All 3 seniors have been on the team since they were freshman and Yates started in the top 6 all 4 years.  Best wishes to these men as they wrap up the school year and head off to college.  Next up is the CAP-8 Individual Conference Tournament at Millbrook Exchange Park on April 25th.
Senior Day- Yates Kline (left), Jack Garside (middle) & Lucius Harvin

Yates Kline (BHS) def. G. Thomas 6-4,6-1
Lucius Harvin (BHS) def. R. Best 6-0,6-4
C. Kennedy def. Jack Garside (BHS) 7-5,2-6,11-9
Harrison Lee (BHS) def. P. Willimas 6-0,6-1
Noah Sommers (BHS) def. L. Huntson 6-1,6-2
Josh Lohman (BHS) def. J. Pickens 6-0,6-1
Burroughs/Herschelman (BHS) def. Thomas/Best 8-2
Weatherspoon/Pace (BHS) def. Williams/Pickens 8-0
Bechtel/Harvey (BHS) def. Huntson/Lucas 8-0

Cap 8 Final Standing: 7-7
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2017 BHS Men's Tennis Team

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